Publisher: Zephyr

Sam’s whole world comes crashing down around him when his Dad is killed in a war. Stricken with grief, he finds himself distanced from his family, and avoiding his friends when he needs them the most.

When he discovers a strange, pale stone, sparkling and cold to the touch, whilst out walking, he thinks nothing of it – until he starts seeing things. Visions of folk magic, animals and myths begin to appear in his dreams and his waking hours, and overshadowing them all is the mighty chalk horse on the hillside, centuries old and filled with ancient power.

As Samhain – or Halloween – fast approaches, Sam begins to wonder if the night of the year when the veil between life and death is at its most thin means a chance to see his father again. With the help of Oona, the mysterious girl who understands the old ways of magic, and Bill, a man with his own tale of grief to tell, Sam must find his way home.

Finbar Hawkins’ second novel is a beautiful story about the love between a father and son, and how we can find comfort and support in unexpected places when everything feels lost. Ancient magic and mystery is cleverly woven in to illustrate Sam’s journey, and fans of the first book might spot a familiar character or two from the same world. A gorgeous book filled with magical realism and unexplained wonder, with each section of the story illustrated with stunning Tarot card designs. Perfect for readers aged 12+.

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