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Publisher: Zephyr

After their mother is murdered by witch-hunters, fifteen year old Evey and her little sister Dill must flee their home and find safety in the Coven. Evey has been sworn by her mother to keep Dill – the favourite – safe from harm. But burning with jealousy and grief, Evey leaves her sister in the care of their Aunt Grey and the Coven to avenge their mother’s death in the nearby town, where the witch trials are about to begin. With rumours that the witches are working with the king to ensure victory in the civil war ravaging the country, Evey must be wary of who she can trust.

Finbar Hawkins’ debut novel is a chilling tale of sisterhood and betrayal, written from Evey’s viewpoint as she veers from grief at her mother’s death to intense jealousy of her little sister Dill and her perceived magical powers.

Part meticulously researched 17th century historical fiction, part heartbreaking tale of grief and sisterhood, Witch drips with dread and vengeance. Evey is a complex and rounded character, whose jealousy of her sweet little sister Dill – which at times borders on cruelty – makes her an unusual heroine. The bond between the sisters forms the backbone of this thrilling story, and is what makes Evey’s arc from grief-stricken child to powerful witch so believable.

There are instances of character death and bloodshed from the opening pages, so this book may be unsuitable for sensitive readers. Dark, spooky, and with beautiful lyrical prose, this is the ideal book to curl up with as the nights get darker and colder in the run up to Halloween.

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