Sticky Pines: The Thing at Black Hole Lake

Publisher: Nosy Crow

There are some very strange things going on in Sticky Pines. Feeling snubbed by his friends, Milo heads home alone from a party one night... only to discover something HUGE lurking in Black Hole Lake.

He'd love to tell his former best friend Lucy about it, but she's not speaking to him. What he doesn't know is that she's only staying away because she's got her own mystery to unravel - one with Milo's businessman father and his shady company Nu Co at the centre. Will the duo be able to reconcile and figure out what's going on in their town?

This sequel to Dashe Roberts' The Bigwoof Conspiracy is another rollicking adventure full of mystery, atmospheric settings, a fantastic cast of characters and lots of monstery goo.

With a Stranger Things vibe, The Thing at Black Hole Lake pits children against adults in a battle for what's right, but always keeps things light with laugh-out-loud moments and a quirky style.

As it expands the Sticky Pines mythology, young readers will love finding out more about the history of the town and the shapeshifting Pretenders... and they'll be on the edge of their seats waiting for the next instalment to arrive.

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