Spotty Lottie and Me

Publisher: Andersen Press

Joey has chicken pox; nobody's allowed to visit unless they're spotty too. Blotchy, bored, lonely, he's missing his friends. Where can Joey find a similarly spotty companion? One brainwave later, he's at the zoo, seeking spotty creatures. But Leopard, Snake, Cheetah, Giraffe, Dalmatian don't want to know him; even Ladybird flies away.

Then Lottie appears: she's got chicken pox too! After a few days of dot-to-dot and other spotty games, the spots fade. Finally Joey can visit the animals. But they're disgusted; what's that snotty green thing on Joey's nose?

The trials and tribulations of chicken pox are a catalyst for Joey's inventive and imaginative solution to his frustrations in this humorous tale, accompanied by bold up-beat illustrations and a satisfyingly disgusting final twist!

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