Publisher: Cicada Books

A rather scruffy man goes to the dog pound and finds a dog which is just as scruffy as him: no-one else wanted Scruff, but he suits the man just fine. Yet when the man takes Scruff to the park, he doesn’t want to jump and run around like the other dogs. Scruff just wants to be pampered!

After a wash and brush up for both of them, man and dog are feeling mush smarter. Yet when Scruff sees a sign for a dog show, his desire to be the most beautiful dog intensifies. Will Scruff win a prize – and what for?

Playing with the idea that people look like their dogs, this super fun, bold and scribbly book about dogs and their owners is a lovely one for young ones and even older babies who will like the bold lines and contrast of the drawings. Toddlers and preschoolers will like the dogs and the simple text, and parents will also get a lot out of this simple but fun story.

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