Space Baby: Zoom to the Moon!

(4 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5)

Publisher: Hachette Children's

We’re going to the moon! Three children zoom off in a red rocket up to the stars and look at the beautiful earth below. When they touch down on the moon, they have a brilliant time jumping up and down in their space suits and driving the shiny moon buggy. Finally, it’s time to go home and the children blast off again in the red rocket, waving a cheery goodbye. Where will they go next?

This delightful board book for babies is a perfect grabbable size with six board pages and a fun little story that introduces very young readers to the idea of going on an adventure. The colours are nice and vivid against a black background, perfect for babies, whose attention is best captured by strong contrasts. There’s also a nice touch and feel element to this book, with shiny foiled sections of the pictures that little ones can touch and enjoy. Last, there are some pleasing repeated sounds – zoom, whoosh, vroom, boing and go! – which are perfect for listening babies getting used to the sounds of speech.

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