Songs of the Birds

Publisher: Little Tiger

This enchanting, nonfiction sound book introduces beautiful birdsongs from different habitats from around Europe.

With 24 different bird calls (three on each page) and seven habitats to explore, there is so much to learn about these brilliant winged animals.

Budding birders will love delving into each habitat and finding out fascinating facts about the birds that live there. Learn how to identify the call of a song thrush and the markings of a Moorhen. Find out which bird nests in holes in the ground and which makes its home in holes in the trees. Familiar locations such as marshes, woodlands, towns and gardens become treasure troves of brilliant birds.

Stunning collage-style artwork from Clover Robin helps bring to life this mesmerising part of nature.

In a large, sturdy board book format, Songs of the Bird can be enjoyed by babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers alike. Babies will be drawn to the vibrant colours and sounds, where older children will be fascinated by the interesting bird facts.

The sound buttons are easy to press, even for the most little of fingers and with an on/off switch at the back, the book can be muted when necessary.

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