Sisters of the Mist

Publisher: Flying Eye Books

It’s summer and Margot, Kyra and Janna are staying with their granny in Frygea Forest, a place full of legend. Trolls stalk the forest, as does the Hellhound, a beast with burning eyes. Worst of all are the Fog Furies who abduct the young girls they find in the forest.

The girls are excited to enjoy all their usual activities, such as climbing trees and exploring. But Margot, the oldest, doesn’t seem to want to play with Kyra and Janna anymore, preferring to read her yucky book about kissing vampires, and messaging her friends on her phone. Luckily, Granny understands that Margot is changing into a young woman. Kyra, on the other hand, doesn’t want her sister to change.

Trolls try and fail to abduct Kyra, but when the fog tries to abduct Margot, Kyra realises that the Fog Furies might have a different purpose than she was led to believe.

This enjoyable graphic novel about sisterhood for children in Year 6 or 7 specifically tackles the experience of girls entering puberty and starting their period. Margot, between twelve and thirteen, wants her own space and, for a while, becomes difficult to be around. Kyra and Janna may feel that something “monstrous” is happening to their sister, but in the end, come to understand that Margot will always be their sister, no matter what.

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