Sheep School

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

William the lamb is the worst pupil in Sheep School. He can’t stand still and he can’t keep quiet for more than a few minutes at a time. The new head teacher, Mr Howler, has told the sheep the best thing they can learn is to stand still. Especially when the Big Bad Wolf and his crew of hungry wolves might come creeping up. So, the next day, William tries his best to stand still and keep his eyes closed like the rest of the flock in the field. Luckily for all, he can’t – and so he witnesses the Big Bad Wolf steal his friends and parents away! Can just one little lamb save all the sheep?

This enjoyable addition to the Little Gems series has lots of blank space on each page, a special dyslexia-friendly font and thick paper so that the text and artwork don’t show through the page. It also has jokes about sheep on the front inner cover and a puzzle on the back inner cover. The colour artwork is delightfully cute, with lots of energy and funny facial expressions. This is packed with humour and is perfect for readers who are beginning their reading journey, and who love to laugh.

Dydy William yr oen ddim yn gallu aros yn llonydd na bod yn dawel am fwy nag ychydig o funudau ar y tro.

Mae Mr Howler, y pennaeth newydd, wedi dweud wrth y defaid mai'r peth gorau fedran nhw ddysgu ydy i sefyll yn llonydd. Felly mae William yn ceisio'i orau glas i sefyll yn llonydd a chadw ei lygaid ar gau fel gweddill y ddiadell. Yn ffodus i bawb, dydy e' ddim yn gallu – ac felly bu'n dyst i'r Blaidd Mawr Cas yn cipio'i ffrindiau a'i deulu! Ydy hi'n bosibl i un oen bach achub y defaid i gyd?

Mae'r ychwanegiad pleserus hwn at y gyfres Little Gems yn llawn i'r ymylon â hiwmor, yn berffaith ar gyfer y rheini sy'n dechrau darllen ac wrth eu boddau'n chwerthin.

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