Clever Cakes

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

This marvellous collection of two contemporary fairy tales is designed for young readers who are embarking on their independent reading journey.

The first tale, Clever Cakes, features Masha, a clever girl who is captured by a fearsome bear while playing in the woods. She is extremely cross when he demands she cooks and cleans for him, so plots her escape, but must use all her ingenuity if she is to outwit the bear.

In The Great Golden Belly-button, King Jabber is bored, so decides to hold a competition, awarding an unusual golden statue to the person who tells him the biggest lie. Word spreads quickly and the palace is soon full of the biggest and best liars in the kingdom, but none seem worthy of the precious prize, until little Peggy arrives with an empty cereal bowl and a tall tale fit for a king.

This book in the Little Gems series has a dyslexia-friendly format: a clear layout incorporating plenty of blank space prevents each page from becoming overcrowded; a special font aids letter recognition; and thick paper ensures the print doesn’t show through the page and confuse the eye. Superb, colourful illustrations bring the quirky characters to life.

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