Mr Birdsnest and the House Next Door

Publisher: Little Gems

When dad announces that granny is moving in with them, as she keeps getting muddled, they look for a bigger home.

Elmo and his elder sister are delighted when they view an empty, ramshackle house, full of cobwebs and secrets, with an enticing overgrown garden. Nicknaming it 'the jungle house' the children beg their parents to buy it, but mum and dad choose the pristine yet boring house next door.

When they move in, the siblings sneak over the wall to play in the jungle garden, and are thrilled when they discover a rusty old key that unlocks the back door. When the house is sold to Mr Birdsnest, they are certain their fun will come to an end - but their new neighbour is full of surprises.

Full-colour illustrations bring this story of everyday adventuring to life. Well-spaced text on thick cream pages make it clear to read and ideal for children who may have reading difficulties.

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