Seek and Find Animals

Publisher: Imagine That

Discover hidden details using the ‘magic torch’ in this unusual nature facts book.

Alongside pages with lift-the-flaps hiding information about specific animals, and pages with facts about different animal habitats around the world, there are three special pages that appear dark at first, but by using the ‘searchlight’ tool, readers can spotlight different parts of the page, to find and focus on specific areas of the picture and then read the corresponding fact on the opposite page.

With sections on key animal habitats including polar worlds and the Asian rainforest, readers can discover things like which animal has an unusually long tongue, what a wolf might eat for lunch, and how Emperor penguins keep warm on the ice.

Clearly laid-out text, bold, colourful illustrations and sturdy cardboard pages make the book engaging and accessible. While the facts themselves are more at an early primary school level, older or less confident readers will enjoy exploring the book as well.

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