Animal Antics

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Publisher: DK

Smile… you’re on camera! In these candid and hilarious photographs, lots of different animals have been caught in the act of making funny faces or doing the silliest looking of things. There’s a laughing leopard, polar bears having a boogie, and even a Komodo dragon practising kung-fu.

Each photo is accompanied by a short paragraph of text that reveals the story behind the image and provides a useful and fascinating insight into the creature’s life within the animal world. Why exactly is a bobcat is perched on top of an enormous cactus? To hide from a cougar of course. And why does a fox have its head buried in the snow? Rather than playing hide-and-seek, it’s actually hunting. And the tree shrew perched on a pitcher plant? Yup, it really is having a poo…

A book for dipping in and out of, laughing at, and then sharing the animal facts with your friends.

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