See What I Can Do!

Publisher: Graffeg Books

Every one of us is different, each with our own unique set of personalities, challenges, interests and skills.

Yet, especially where disability is concerned, there is often a risk we lump people together into convenient boxes. In reality, as this book deftly explains, there are numerous different conditions and impairments: some visible, some not. And every child’s experience is different.

See What I Can Do! introduces a range of characters (based on real-life children from around the world), each sharing an insight and pointing out not only the challenges but also the positive aspects of their lives. The book does all this in a gentle, friendly and very readable way.

Alongside children who are blind or deaf for example, the book also provides an insight into the less well-known, including specific learning differences, asthma, epilepsy and cystic fibrosis. On each spread, characters discuss their own specific knowledge of that particular condition, and comparing their experiences, illustrating just how rarely one size fits all.

Author Jon Roberts (himself a parent of an autistic child) delivers the book in his characteristically comfortable and conversational way. He is re-joined by illustrator Hannah Rounding, whose artistic style is equally accessible and appealing. A useful glossary of terms and list of websites completes the package.

A beautiful book that celebrates individuality, empathy and understanding. 

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