Secrets of a Rebel Rock Star

Publisher: Rock the Boat

Mac loves music. He plays guitar in the school rock band and often rocks out with his mum, who’s obsessed with rock. His favourite lesson is music with the uber cool Ms Fox. But he has a secret. He loves musicals. He can never tell his mother. Or anyone else. Musicals aren’t cool, are they?

But when the arts programme at school is going to be cut, and his favourite teacher out of a job, Mac knows he has to do something. And when he lets slip his knowledge of musicals, he’s invited to a secret musicals appreciation society, where he meets Flynn. Flynn is a year older, he writes amazing music and he has various physical and verbal tics, due to his Tourette’s. Together, can Mac and Flynn write a musical to save Ms Fox?

This is a brilliant story about true friendship, the importance of the arts, and the astounding things a community can do when it pulls together. Written with guidance from someone with Tourette’s, this gives a clear-eyed view of the potential challenges Tourette’s brings, and information on how it can differ from person to person. Importantly, Flynn is far more than his Tourette’s. Uplifting and heart-warming.

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