Can You Feel the Noise

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Although Sophie has been experiencing gradual hearing loss for a while, it’s still a big shock when she wakes up one morning to find she is now deaf. Everything feels strange, her days are filled with hospital appointments, and conversations are limited to what she can lip-read. And what will this mean for her musical ambitions – and the upcoming Battle of the Bands competition she was so excited to be part of?

Now Sophie must find a way to overcome her instinct to hide away from the world, and instead figure out a new equilibrium, especially amongst her friends and bandmates, some of whom are better at understanding the new challenges she’s facing than others are. When she meets another deaf musician, Sophie learns to experience music in a whole new way. Perhaps there is still a place for her in the band after all?

Author Stewart Foster – who also experienced hearing loss as a teenager – explores the challenges around disability and deafness, the ups and downs of changing friendships, and rediscovering your confidence when things take an expected turn. Sophie is highly relatable and this is a sensitively told and emotionally engaging character-driven story.

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