Star Switch

(3 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Scholastic

Naomi may be a famous popstar at just fifteen years old, but every minute of her life is micromanaged by her manager-slash-mum. She’s tired, bored and acting out.

Ruby loves to sing and dance but is too shy to tell anyone other than her best friend about it. She’s also Naomi’s biggest fan and dreams of being her and being on stage.

But Naomi’s and Ruby’s lives are about to cross in the strangest of ways… Thanks to an unplanned encounter, an unusual book, and a magical jinx, Naomi accidentally ends up in Ruby’s body and Ruby in Naomi’s. Now Ruby really is going to get a taste of Naomi’s starry lifestyle – but is it everything she dreamt it would be? Meanwhile, how will Naomi cope with school and teachers, not to mention Ruby’s manic family?

Stepping into each other’s shoes could open up all sorts of possibilities…

Star Switch is a super fun story about friendship, growing up, and two girls with very different personalities figuring out who they are and how to follow their dreams. A classic body swap story but done brilliantly. It’s funny but also has bigger themes of understanding and finding self-confidence, with very relatable characters.

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