Rosa's Big Sunflower Experiment

Publisher: Child's Play

Rosa and her friends are growing sunflowers. The industrious team of children fill pots with soil, tenderly plant seeds and then carefully label and position their plants.  As they go along, they research and discuss the process - how seeds germinate, what they need to thrive and how they will benefit the insect community. Eventually their efforts pay off and they can admire their row of glorious golden sunflowers. 

This is one of a series of fun and colourful books following Rosa and her friends as they undertake a range of simple but inspiring projects guaranteed to stimulate children’s interest in STEM subjects. Jessica Spanyol’s cast of characters are deeply appealing, full of personality and of course delightfully diverse. As one would expect from Child’s Play, this is a book that subtly and accurately reflects reality in relation to gender, heritage, family and disability - in this one, for example, Rosa’s friend Shala has a colourful wrist splint and Rosa wears glasses. 

A hardback book with sturdy pages, this book will surely motivate any child to pick up a packet of seeds and experience the magic for themselves.

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