Publisher: Scholastic

Armstrong the star-nosed mole has always dreamed big dreams. He wants to go to the moon – but he can’t convince his friends to go with him. They want to stay safe at home, underground. So Armstrong sets out on a great adventure, building his own rocket to become the first mole in space!

The illustrations reflect the real spacecraft and equipment used to reach the moon, making this an informative book for older children who are interested in the real moon landings, as well as an entertaining read for younger children, who will respond to the clarity and high contrast of the striking pictures. Quirky, humorous details, like the dehydrated cheese sandwich that Armstrong takes with him to the moon, will remind the reader of Wallace and Gromit.

Armstrong is the perfect name for a sturdy, determined little earth-digger, and parents as well as children will enjoy the inspirational message: you can inspire others if you try hard enough to make your dreams come true, and adventures are always better when your friends come along. 

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