Publisher: Wren & Rook

Beth Mead MBE is a professional footballer who has played for Sunderland, Arsenal and England’s Lionesses. She won the UEFA Women’s Euro and was the first female footballer to be named BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Here, she shares her personal journey, from playing her first match in a North Yorkshire village, aged six, to lifting the Euro trophy at Wembley in 2022.

As well as documenting Beth’s incredible sporting achievements, the book is packed full of practical advice, not only about physical training, but also on building resilience, pushing out of your comfort zone and sharing your feelings. Beth stresses that these lessons can be applied to many areas of life, not just on the pitch, and some of her key messages are to dream big, be happy with who you are and enjoy every moment.

This inspirational book – part autobiography, part motivational manual – is essential reading for anyone who is interested in sport. Fun, informative and practical, it features dynamic black and-white drawings, pre-chapter warm-up exercises and a wealth of activities designed to motivate, focus and inspire readers to achieve their dreams.

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