Rise of the School for Good and Evil

Publisher: HarperCollins

Have you ever wondered how fairy tales came to be? Well, they all begin at the School for Good and Evil, where good students learn how to become heroes and heroines, and evil students learn how to become villains. From there, they can only hope that the enchanted pen – the Storian – will write them into one of its fairy tales and ensure that they become legends.

When twins Rhian and Rafal are appointed as school masters of good and evil, they feel confident that their love for each other will help them to ensure balance between both sides of the school and beyond in the Endless Woods. But when new student Aladdin arrives, competition arises between the two brothers, testing the strength of their love for each other and wreaking havoc on the school as a result.

Themes of love, loyalty and morality are explored in this modern take on how fairy tales are created. Readers can expect to see some familiar names and plenty of magic in this prequel to the School for Good and Evil series.

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