The Marvellers

Publisher: Piccadilly

Ella Durand is a Conjuror – the first Conjuror to attend a Marveller school. Not all the Marvellers are keen to have a Conjuror in their midst, but luckily Ella soon makes friends with Brigit and Jason. Brigit knits mysterious visions and Jason can talk to all creatures, so it’s clear where their talents lie, but Ella worries what her marvel will turn out to be. Ella’s fellow pupils are suspicious of her Conjuror traditions, and this is heightened when the evil Gia Trivelino – the Ace of Anarchy – escapes from prison. Then Masterji Thankur, Ella’s favourite teacher, goes missing…

This is a magical school adventure jam-packed with marvellous details both familiar and unique. The Conjuror world is particularly enticing, with its animal companions (Ella’s mother has an alligator!), trees that grow over beds for protection, and enchanted hand replicas to braid and twist hair in the mornings. The story of a new girl who doesn’t quite fit in is given an unusual twist, and the more perceptive reader will see parallels with how Marvellers treat Conjurors and race relations throughout the world. This is the first in a new series, suitable for keen readers and lovers of intricate fantasy worlds.

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