Rigatoni the Pasta Cat

Publisher: Andersen Press

Rigatoni the cat adores pasta. He loves nothing more than tucking into a delicious bowl of spaghetti, fusilli, linguini or vermicelli and he’ll eat it with anything, from pesto to tomato sauce. He even has a special pasta, "miaow", which he uses if his owners, Ruth and Tina, forget to give him his daily helping.

When Ruth and Tina go away for a while, they ask their friend George to take care of Rigatoni. He pops in each day to feed and cuddle the cat, but it quickly becomes clear that George has no intention of making any pasta. Rigatoni is dismayed and realises he has no choice but to leave the comfort of his home to venture outside and get his pasta-fix elsewhere. However, despite his clear intentions and spectacular pasta miaow, he finds it harder than he anticipated to make himself understood.

This amusing chapter book by former Children’s Laureate Michael Rosen is an engaging read. It is enhanced by wonderfully expressive black-and-white pen and ink drawings by the talented Tony Ross, who creates movement and character with just a few lines. Perfect for newly-confident independent readers, this light-hearted tale will particularly appeal to cat owners.

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