Supermouse and the Big Cheese Robbery

Publisher: Little Tiger

In Mouseopolis, everyone is gathered for the grand unveiling of the Big Cheese – yet when the Mayor pulls back the curtain, the Big Cheese has gone, and the thief has left a taunting note. Disaster! The newspaper has a variety of suspects that are up to no gouda – notorious criminals Monsterella, Gorgonzola, Dr Hickory and Manchego – but one thing’s for sure: Supermouse, local mysterious mouse superhero, will be the one to save the day.

Supermouse (the sometime alter ego of everyday mouse Peter Parmesan) is indeed on the case, and when he sniffs out the cheesy criminals in their secret lair, he thinks he’s got the case cracked, until the tables are turned. Will Supermouse save the day before Dr Hickory cuts the cheese? Or will the criminals get away with a monu-emmen-tal victory?

With innovative die-cuts on every page and plenty of sophisticated lift the flap features, children will enjoy caerphilly reading this delightfully silly, cheesy story.

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