Rex: Dinosaur in Disguise

Publisher: Walker Books

For millions of years, Rex the dinosaur has been frozen in a block of ice. As the planet gets warmer, the ice thaws, releasing him into the modern world, which has changed beyond all recognition since the Cretaceous Period. Confused and alone, Rex wanders around the natural history museum in search of fellow dinosaurs but is appalled when he finds fossilised bones rather than living creatures.

Luckily, he is spotted by Bigfoot the yeti, who invites Rex to stay in his apartment. Bigfoot worries that they will be put in a zoo if their true identities are discovered, so he shows Rex how to blend in. The dinosaur learns how to speak, samples human food and tries to secure a job. However, Rex’s boisterous nature makes it difficult for him to remain inconspicuous and he attracts the attention of Bigfoot’s neighbour, nine-year-old Sandra, who is determined to discover his true identity. 

Lots of key messages are woven into this hilarious tale, such as making new friends, dealing with bullies and above all, the importance of being yourself. Short chapters break the narrative into manageable sections and the accompanying illustrations add plenty of humour, making it ideal for independent young readers.

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