Real-Life Disasters: Investigate What Really Happened!

Publisher: b small publishing

When we hear about disasters, such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or floods, we might feel scared, which is a totally normal and understandable response. Yet by understanding real life disasters, experts can help make sure they don’t happen again - or, if they can’t do that, make the consequences less serious when they do.

In this engaging dossier-style book, Martineau and Barker explore a number of real life disasters such as the sinking of the Titanic, the Bermuda Triangle and the Black Death as well as investigating what happens when volcanoes, wild weather and earthquakes happen.

After explaining the events of each disaster, there’s a double page dossier full of facts - and in some cases, thought-provoking theories - about why and how those disasters may have happened. The focus is on facts overall, reassuring children that we do understand why certain disasters happen. In the case of something with less clarity, like the Bermuda Triangle, theories about aliens under the ocean or supernatural motivations are mentioned, but Martineau and Barker err on the side of science and probability, reminding us about freak large waves, glowing algae and other natural phenomena.

This is a really fascinating, well put-together read for younger kids who want facts but not too much detail and gives a great introduction to natural and human-made phenomena. The tone keeps it light whilst acknowledging the seriousness of the topics covered, maintaining a good balance between satisfying kids’ desire for scary but keeping it structured at the same time.

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