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Publisher: Mama Makes Books

This fold-out book is a delightful first words book for babies. Twelve objects are introduced, such as cat, moon, train, teddy and so on, but there is also a short rhyme about each object, which is unusual in a baby book. The four-line structure is repetitive, which is soothing, yet different for every object. As the explanatory text says, hearing a voice reading rhythmic words and stories helps babies to acquire the building blocks for language.

Everything in this book is geared towards engaging babies. The pictures are simple, yet recognisable, in primary colours only, with plain backgrounds. There is a mirror at the end to look into together, and a prompt for the adult to say the baby’s name, thus making it personal, and even more enchanting. There is the option to read it as a standard book, turning pages, or to unfold it completely, and prop it up during tummy time. This is a lovely book to share with a baby, giving precious bonding and cuddle time. It enables conversations, even in baby talk!

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