Look Touch Learn: Sea (Tummy Time)

Publisher: Child’s Play

A wiggly, slippery fish, a knobbly spiny starfish and swaying rubbery seaweed are just a few interesting words to listen to and shapes to look at in this seaside-inspired book for babies.

Child’s Play are an exemplary publisher for babies and toddlers because they truly understand what babies’ and young children’s developmental processes are and how books can help them grow and learn.

At the back of Look Touch Learn: Sea there’s a brilliant end page for parents which explains why the book is a fold-out concertina (so it can be propped up around baby while they are lying on their tummy), why it has moving parts (develops baby’s sense of depth and alertness to movement) and why it uses strong contrasting colours (babies find it easier to see them).

The accessible, approachable notes at the end of the book also give parents lots of ideas for how to use the book, from reading the text out loud to singing to your baby, following the shapes and trails with their fingers and blowing or poking the moving parts and playing peekaboo! The words in the book are also full of interest and sound lovely when you read them. There’s no story needed for babies this young, who will have plenty to look at and respond to in this brilliantly conceived book which has strong toy-like elements. Highly recommended.

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