Rani and Sukh

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A Modern Tale of Love and Vengeance

Publisher: Random House

In 1960s rural Punjab, Billah Bains and Kulwant Sandhu nurture a forbidden love, but when their relationship is discovered, the Bains family have to face the wrath of Kulwant's father, who is angry at his daughter's lost izzat (honour).

The lovers’ deaths spark a bitter blood feud between the families, which is to have repercussions years later in contemporary Leicester when Sukh Bains and Rani Sandhu fall in love. Sukh’s sister realises that their tragically interlinked past may, almost inexorably, be repeating itself.

Rai’s snappily written dialogue and stream of consciousness style create a vivid, fast-moving take on the Romeo and Juliet story, exploring the experience of young urban British Asians as they negotiate their way through two cultures.

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