Rainforest (Now You See it!)

Publisher: Child’s Play

Discover which rainforest animals are hiding on the next page in this vibrant early years board book. For each double page, readers are shown on one side a labelled rainforest animal and on the other, a close-up graphic pattern of the next animal to follow – from bright orange leopard print to the feathery parrot rainbow colours. With holes on each animal, children can turn the page to reveal a new animal as both pattern and animal combine.

The bold high-contrast animal patterns are perfect for building young children’s visual perception skills by stimulating both senses and the imagination. It also works well to build an early understanding of word labelling, categories, and early vocabulary. This simple but effective board book is brilliant for early years development.

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Rainforest (Now You See it!)

Author: Sarah Dellow

Find the hidden rainforest animals in this brilliant board book, featuring die-cut holes and high-contrast graphics. Perfect for building early visual perception skills.

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