Rainbow Grey

Publisher: HarperCollins

Ten-year-old Ray Grey lives in the magical Weatherlands, high in the sky. Ray is surrounded by Weatherlings with astounding weather power at their fingertips, but she doesn't have ANY magic... Until a trip to Earth to find some secret treasure changes Ray's life forever – and she becomes Rainbow Grey. 

Rainbow Grey is a rollercoaster adventure, full of twists and turns, secret reveals and a proper "dun dun dun", cliffhanger epilogue. There’s enough excitement in this chapter book to keep every child happy, and it’s all swept along by Laura Ellen Anderson’s joyful, cartoony illustrations that animate almost every page. From rainbow-sprayed edges to dramatic moments when the pages go dark to reflect the weather in the scene, it’s a gorgeous book that young readers will love to own or borrow.

Amid all this action – and the farting-cloud-cat silliness you’d expect from the creator of the bestselling Amelia Fang books – is a book that lets in quieter moments too, and really focuses on the friendship between Ray and her pals Snowden and Droplett. Indeed, the end message is very much about how love, hope and togetherness will always triumph and give a person a strength they didn’t think they had. 

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