Question Everything! An Investigator's Toolkit

Publisher: b small publishing

This small but informative non-fiction book is an invaluable guide to help young people filter, manage and understand the vast quantities of information that surround them, from advertising and news reports to social media and the limitless scope of the internet.

Divided into short chapters, each section looks at a different topic, including how to spot fake news, interpret statistics and use infographics. There are tips on corroborating information through research, guidance on assessing the reliability of sources and an important section about staying safe online, with a reminder that the internet can be a positive force for good when used wisely. Each page features a suggested activity, ranging from fun quizzes to small projects, such as changing the tone of an article by rewriting the headline.  

With lots of illustrations, a chatty style and a useful glossary, this extremely accessible book encourages children to think for themselves. The central message is to question absolutely everything, which will help readers develop their critical literacy skills and enable them to make choices which are based on reliable, balanced information.

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