Quentin Blake's Nursery Rhyme Book

Publisher: Red Fox

This collection of short, lesser-known nursery rhymes from the 1950s introduces children to handy spandy Jack-a-Dandy choosing candy; Gregory Griggs and his 27 wigs; the Pussy Cat who ate the dumplings and Terence McDiddler the three-stringed fiddler who can charm fish from the sea, as well as a host of other intriguing characters.

These funny nonsense rhymes are brought to life by Quentin Blake's expressive and characterful illustrations. Readers will enjoy exploring the pictures, spotting the surprised expression on the face of Little Betsy Baker, the smiling cats and the smirking pigs, as well as what is happening in the background of each of these lively illustrations. Ideal for enjoying together at home, this book is also ideal for enthusing younger children in the primary classroom.

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