Jack and Nancy

Publisher: Red Fox

Jack and Nancy want to have an adventure. They live beside the sea and from their bedroom window they can see the ships sailing off to far-away lands. The local sailors regale them with tales of strange, exotic places, showing them bright birds brought back from hot jungles. The young siblings long to see it all for themselves. Little do they know that a strong wind and an umbrella will make their wish come true! Blown out to sea and dropped onto a tropical deserted island the duo find themselves surrounded by wonder and excitement, but will they ever be able to get home again?

This simple but enchanting tale is brought to life by Quentin Blake’s illustrations, conjouring up magical worlds that wholly engross the reader. Follow Nancy and Jack as they climb trees, swim under the sea and clamber over waterfalls, while each exquisite drawing pulls you in to experience the adventure along with them.

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