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Publisher: Doubleday

It's 1953, and Elizabeth is about to be crowned Queen of England. Elsie's mother works as a showgirl in a theatre, so Elsie lives with her lovely Nan, and they dream of attending the coronation together. But then tragedy strikes - Nan gets TB and is taken into a sanatorium. It's a double shock for Elsie when she discovers she has TB too.

Elsie must spend several months in a leg-brace, confined to bed, in a specialist children’s hospital. But at the hospital, she finds solace through new friendships with those around her - including Queenie, the hospital's majestic white cat - and finds inventive ways to entertain the other children on the ward.

Jacqueline Wilson demonstrates the power of storytelling in this historical novel, which lovingly recreates the 1950s in full period detail.

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