Hetty Feather

(12 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Yearling

Nick Sharratt's silhouettes perfectly reflect the mood of Jacqueline Wilson's first historical fiction, set in London's Foundling Hospital in the 1870s.

The infant Hetty is left there by her distraught mother, then farmed out to a family in the country, before returning to the Hospital aged five.

Removed from her beloved foster parents and siblings, the rebellious Hetty seeks desperately to uncover her birth mother’s identity, eventually reaching an unexpected and reassuring resolution.

A fellow of the Foundling Museum, Wilson has researched her subject meticulously, and incorporated her own knowledge and love of late nineteenth-century children’s fiction.

Hetty is a typical feisty Wilson heroine, challenging authority and exhibiting emotions and concerns entirely familiar and relevant to a twenty-first century audience.

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