Little Darlings

(9 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Yearling

'My dad is Danny Killman. I suppose there wouldn't be any point telling people even if it wasn't a secret, because who would believe me?'

Meet Destiny, unacknowledged daughter of an ageing rock star. She lives on a run-down estate and her mum struggles to get by.

Sunset is Danny’s legitimate daughter, but she hates the luxury lifestyle, the constant photoshoots. When Destiny and her mum attend Danny’s film premiere, Destiny’s secret painfully unfolds – and the step-sisters tentatively discover a genuine friendship.

Destiny and Sunset are beautifully drawn characters, voices from utterly different worlds finding their own identities against the odds.

An immensely readable novel which handles serious issues – fractured families, the nature of celebrity – with the lightest of touches.

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