Puppy Academy: Star on Stormy Mountain

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Star is a Border Collie puppy who attends the Sausage Dreams Puppy Academy for working dogs. Her mum is a champion sheepdog, and Star can't wait to follow in her footsteps.

Unfortunately, when she begins her basic training, Star's excitable manner sends the sheep into a panic, causing chaos. Matters get worse when, attempting to earn her Mountain Shepherd badge, Star is unable to control her enthusiasm and the startled sheep scatter across the mountainside. Although she feels like a failure, Star's quick feet, boundless energy and bravery prove invaluable when she rescues a lost lamb in a blizzard. Then her sharp nose sniffs out more danger and she embarks on an even more perilous rescue.

A funny, heart-warming story about bravery and finding your own place in the world. Divided into chapters and accompanied by lively black-and-white illustrations, this enjoyable tale in a series for early readers is sure to appeal to young animal lovers.

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