Geronimo - The Dog Who Thinks He’s a Cat

Publisher: Wacky Bee

One desperate day, Geronimo - a small, hungry street dog - follows a cat home. When he discovers bowls of delicious food and a comfy basket full of kittens, Geronimo decides to be a cat instead!

The kittens' mum teach him to miaow, catch mice and climb trees. Sort of. And his new friend, Dylan, loves him.

But Geronimo keeps on growing. He outgrows the basket. He takes over the bed. When Dylan's mum realises Geronimo is a dog, not a cat, she says he has to go…

Then the kittens are cat-napped at the pet show. If Geronimo rescues them, will Dylan's mum let him stay?

An entertaining adventure, full of mixed-up animals, that is perfect for young readers.

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