Princess Kevin

Publisher: Frances Lincoln

Kevin is immensely pleased with his princess outfit for the school fancy dress show. He knows he looks spectacular in a flowing pink dress, high heels and mum’s lipstick, and doesn’t care if people laugh at him. After all, the whole point dressing up is to become someone totally different. Ideally, he’d like to find a knight to hang out with to complete the look, but none of them want to hold hands with a boy wearing pink. Bemused by this ridiculous behaviour, which is not at all brave and knight-like, Kevin decides to stick with Chloe the dragon, even though her outfit looks like a sock. As the day wears on, Kevin’s high heels take their toll, leading him to have a serious rethink about next year’s outfit.

This marvellous picture book with its self-assured protagonist celebrates individuality and provides a light-hearted platform to discuss topics such as gender stereotypes, diversity and freedom of choice with a young audience. The expressive illustrations are full of colour, energy and humour, and magnificently guide the reader though this delightful tale with the reassuring message that people can be whoever they want to be.

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