Publisher: Macmillan

Six eggs are having a lovely time when a seventh egg appears – an egg with a big head and a pointy bottom. This egg is totally the wrong way around!

Determined to make the new egg ‘normal’, the six eggs try all sorts of solutions – making the new egg stand on its head, covering its flailing legs with a hat and putting boots on its hands to look like feet. But it just doesn’t work. Fortunately, the new egg has a philosophical solution which is also terrific fun – which also means that, when another strange egg with a different body shape arrives, they’re ready to welcome it.

A picture book using just one word (‘egg’) is a tricky challenge, but like Ed Vere’s Banana! picture book supremos Hendra and Linnet pull off this story about acceptance, difference and belonging with style. Like all of their picture books, the characters are hilariously expressive, and peril is always dealt with in the most ingenious way. Egg is a really clever, funny story you can have lots of fun reading together.

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