Perfectly Polite Penguins

Publisher: Little Tiger

Most penguins are perfectly polite. They always wait their turn, they share their toys and they always remember to say please and thank you.

But then there is Polly.

Polly thinks it is boring being polite, and soon her bad behaviour is rubbing off on the other penguins. Chaos ensues when Polly starts flinging fishy snacks around and everyone is being so silly and noisy that only Polly realises that baby Peter is upset. Polly decides that everyone should be polite again… Until more fishy snacks arrive!

This silly, chilly story will have little ones laughing out loud at naughty little Polly. There are useful opportunities here to discuss why being polite is important, and why we can’t always do what we want, when we want. But if your little penguin is polite enough already, this is simply a fun story to giggle over together.

The bold and bright illustrations look fresh and young, and the cheeky tone will appeal to older picture book readers, as well. 

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