Publisher: Graffeg

A young boy is very excited that there's to be a new arrival in the family. However, when the baby arrives, it is clear that there is something a little different about her.

Disappointed that she will never run and play with him in the way he had hoped, he withdraws, reverting to spending time on his own. Then an injured young bird in the garden needs his help, and his views start to change. 

There is always some adjustment when a new baby arrives on the scene, even when the sibling is eagerly anticipated. Here we see how an older child needs time to learn to understand the new arrival, who in this case has (unspecified) difficulties.

Launching the fledgling bird back into the sky helps the boy start to see that his sister is, in fact, perfect - and that she also needs his love.

Minimal text and exquisite artwork tell a story of sibling love.

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