A Welcome Song for Baby

Publisher: Tamarind; Random House Children’s Books

Emma is excitedly awaiting a new brother or sister. Mum is getting bigger and bigger - and knitting blankets to welcome the baby. What can Emma do to welcome him or her? When Mum assures her that the baby is listening, Emma decides to share her favourite sounds.

From winter's whispering snowflakes and sploshing snowballs, to the chirping sparrows and raindrops of spring, to summer's buzzing bees and croaking frogs, Emma shares the noises of the year's progress with her unborn sibling. Now it's autumn, the waiting is over, and the house filled with the sounds of a baby.

This reassuring, sensitively illustrated story celebrates the milestones of pregnancy as the seasons pass, foregrounding the naturalness of the process as little Emma contributes her own experiences.

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