Peanut, Butter and Crackers: Puppy Problems

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Butter the cat and Crackers the dog are very happy, until their human comes home with a new puppy. Peanut the puppy doesn’t know anything, makes lots of mess and howls all night. Soon their food is being eaten and they’re being blamed for things they didn’t do. They need a plan to get rid of him. But when he’s lost one night, they remember feeling scared and alone themselves. Perhaps Peanut isn’t so bad after all?

This colour graphic novel is aimed at beginner readers, and is told solely in speech bubbles from the point of view of the cat and dog. Young readers will love the enthusiasm of the puppy and will recognise the snarkiness of the cat, who considers cats superior to dogs. This is the first in a fun new series and each book has a bonus extra short story, and pages that show you how to draw the characters. There is also an insight into how the book was created, from sketches to colour, to inspire any budding graphic novel creators.

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