Bumble & Snug and the Excited Unicorn

Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

Bumble and Snug are bestest friends. Bumble is 50% enthusiasm, 50% energy, and Snug is 33% kindness, 33% caring, 33% brains. Today they’re off to the unicorn forest, which is made of sweets and chocolate. Snug wants to meet a unicorn, while Bumble is planning to eat everything. Off they bounce, and it’s an amazing place. But when they accidently bash a jelly bee nest, they have to be rescued – by a unicorn! The magical Sparklehoof wants to be friends, and they team up to be superheroes. Meet the Super Buddies. Whenever anyone needs help, the Super Buddies will be there.

Only, Sparklehoof is a little over-enthusiastic and perhaps sometimes ‘helps’ when it’s not really needed. He ‘zaps’ too many things and soon there’s chaos in Bugbopolis. Can Bumble and Snug come up with a plan to calm him down?

This is a story that will have readers laughing out loud. The main themes of impulse control and considering other people’s feelings are dealt with in a very funny, engaging way. At its heart, it’s about friends helping each other. The fantastic full-colour illustrations and graphic novel, or cartoon, style are full of energy and will appeal hugely to young readers. A brilliant series.

Mae Bumble a Snug yn ffrindiau gorau. Mae Bumble yn 50% brwdfrydedd, 50% egni; a Snug yn 33% caredigrwydd, 33% gofalgarwch, 33% brêns.

Pan maen nhw'n cyfarfod â'r uncorn hudol Sparklehoof, maen nhw'n uno fel tîm i fod yn archarwyr. Ond, mae Sparklehoof ychydig bach yn or-frwdfrydig ac efallai weithiau ei fod yn 'helpu' pan does dim gwir angen. Ydy Bumble a Snug yn gallu meddwl am gynllun i'w bwyllo?

Dyma stori a fydd yn gwneud i'r darllenwyr chwerthin lond eu boliau. Mae'i ddarluniau cartwnaidd llawn lliw yn egnïol tu hwnt a fydd yn apelio'n fawr at ddarllenwyr ifanc, ac mae yna neges hyfryd yma am gyfeillgarwch a rheoli byrbwylltra.

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