Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers

Peter's dad is joining the war, and Peter must leave his pet fox Pax behind. Pax has only ever known life with Peter. He's never lived in the wild, never hunted, never had to fend for himself.

Pax is convinced that Peter will come back for him, and Peter can't imagine life without Pax. So despite the danger, they set out to find each other.

The narrative flits between Peter and Pax's perspectives, showing their loyalty to each other and providing a relatively realistic view of a fox learning to live in the wild. Peter's struggle with his fear of becoming angry like his father adds a further complexity to his character - and while abuse is hinted at, it is never portrayed.

Jon Klassen's illustrations are a beautiful addition, with the right level of setting detail and atmospheric tone. This is a touching story of the bond between a child and his pet, as well as a depiction of the devastating and often unseen consequences of war.

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