A Whisper of Wolves

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Publisher: Stripes

Alice is the Whisperer of Catchwood. This used to be a position that commanded great respect within the community; a whisperer is a healer but her neighbours eye her with constant suspicion. But Whispers also protect and communicate with nature so it is Alice who senses the danger that is encroaching on the forest she loves. A demonic force of power that Alice has only heard about in history is approaching. With her wolf, Storm by her side she must start out on a journey that will bring her face to face with the kingdom's most feared enemy; the Narlaw. 

Kris Humphrey's debut is the first part of a four part series for middle grade readers, with each part focussing on a new character and animal companion it will appeal to young fans of fantasy and adventure. Calling on the dramatic setting of a dark forest filled with silvery wolves it is both atmospheric and action-packed in a storytelling world that feels traditional and timeless with it.

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