Over to You!

Publisher: Puffin

This collection of poems from the incomparable Roger McGough is a joyous riot of funny wordplay and unusual imagery. From rhinos who want to fly planes, to runaway sprouts, to skipping antelopes, to Granma’s delicious gooseberry jam, every subject is revelled in.

McGough also plays with the forms of poetry, including haiku, sonnets, limericks, alphabet poems, rhyming couplets and many more. In several, especially in the first section of the collection, the poem is personified as something that can talk to the poet, or be naughty. McGough pretends to write the poems that Teacher has told him to – with nicely amusing results. This knowing cheekiness makes for a hugely enjoyable read, and shows that poems can be accessible and fun.

Perfect for reading aloud, and for sharing, these poems will puncture the myth that poetry is difficult or boring. They will also inspire children to have a go at writing poems themselves. As McGough says: ‘Just take the words and run with them./Young poet, it’s over to you.’

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