The Girl With Space in Her Heart

(2 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Usborne

Mabel is a kind, thoughtful girl with a generous nature and a passion for astronomy. She is also extremely anxious and carries with her an imaginary suitcase full of worries. Dad used to make things better, but when he walked out, he left a big space in Mabel’s heart. She wants to talk about him but has no one to speak to: she doesn’t want to upset Mum, who was devastated when he left, and her elder sister Topaz is always angry. Instead, she locks her sadness inside the increasingly heavy suitcase.

Life seems a little brighter when Gavin, Mum’s new boyfriend, is around. He shares Mabel’s love of the stars and makes a big effort to make them all happy. However, Topaz is determined to prove he’s cheating on Mum, which causes even more problems for Mabel.

This moving book explores a range of sensitive issues, including anxiety, depression, bullying and family break-up. Dotted throughout the chapters are Mabel’s poems, written for a school project, which provide a touching and lyrical insight into her complex emotions. Emphasising the importance of sharing worries with others, it is a warm-hearted, uplifting tale, written with a light touch and plenty of humour.

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